Xcertia Transitions to Health App Guidelines Work Group

Given nurses’ key role as patient advocates and the breadth of expertise in mHealth that nursing informaticians have, ANI proudly joined Xcertia with formal representation as a member of the XcertiaTM  Board.  ANI member Karen Dunn Lopez, PhD, MPH, RN was appointed to serve on the Xcertia Board of Directors. 

Health App Guidelines Work Group

In December 2016, HIMSS co-founded the Xcertia initiative with the American Medical Association(AMA), American Heart Association (AHA), and DHX Group. Xcertia aimed to develop a framework of guidelines to promote safe and effective mobile health apps for healthcare. Two generations of guidelines, most recently published in 2019, focused on the topics of privacy, security, content, usability, and operability.

While the original effort has evolved since its inception, HIMSS continues the critical work of  developing these mobile app guidelines with the support of the other founders. More information will be shared about our plans to guide the development of mobile apps that can positively inform health and care. For information to get involved, email interop@himss.org.

View the Work Group details and guidelines here.

Dr. Lopez will continue to serve on the Health App Guidelines sharing her thought leadership and expertise and representing informatics nurses and further supporting the missions and vision of ANI.  

Karen Dunn Lopez, PhD, MPH, RN
ANI Member-at-Large


2019 Xcertia Guidelines Finalized
To see the final version of the 2019 Xcerita Guidelines click here.