ANI Appoints Board Member to CARIN Alliance

In late 2017, CARIN Alliance invited the Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI) to join their coalition with formal representation on the CARIN Alliance board. ANI member Vicky Tiase, MSN, RN-BC, was appointed to serve in this capacity.  We believe that the voice of ANI and the strength of our work focused on Consumer e-Health will make a valuable contribution to CARIN Alliance.  The work will focus on facilitating policy and practice levers to advance the adoption of consumer-directed exchange.

ANI proudly supports the opportunity for informatics nurses as leaders in this area and futher recognizes that Ms. Tiase's experience and thought leadership qualify her to fully represent ANI's mission and vision. 

Victoria L. Tiase, MSN, RN-BC
ANI Member-at-Large
CARIN Alliance Board Member

Call to Action

Members of ANI constituents interested in participating, please contact ANI staff liaisons here.

About: CARIN Alliance is a non-partisan, multi-sector alliance with the goal of advancing consumer-directed exchange across the U.S.

Vision: CARIN’s vision is to rapidly advance the ability for consumers and their authorized caregivers to easily get, use, and share their digital health information when, where, and how they want to achieve their goals.

Consumer-directed exchange (CDEx) is a new paradigm for health information exchange that is now emerging as a result of the automation of an individual’s right of access to revive their own electronic heath care information.