Encourage your organization to submit an application to join ANI. As a member you can:

  • Utilize the ANI Statements & Positions on Health IT Policy
  • Participate in ANI member events & meetings
  • Be an involved nursing informatics advocate


Organizations whose primary focus is entirely on nursing informatics or those organizations with a component that focuses specifically on nursing informatics are eligible to join ANI.

Membership Types

Full membership is extended to organizations that:

  • are local, regional, national, or international in scope;
  • are independent organizations or a sub-unit of a multi- or single-disciplinary organization;
  • have open membership structures; membership is open to individuals who are interested in the field of nursing informatics;
  • have a body of knowledge and skills in a defined area relevant to nursing informatics, supported by documentation that might include a core curriculum, publications and research, standards of care/practice, or other documents.

Affiliate membership can be extended to any organization or entity that is not eligible to join as a full member, subject to the approval of the Governing Directors. Affiliate members are nonvoting members but are entitled to have one representative serve on the Governing Directors and are eligible to receive ANI member benefits. Applicants for affiliate membership must disclose any relevant relationship with commercial organizations.

Member Application

Organizations that meet the membership criteria and wish to apply for affiliate or full membership must submit a complete application package.

Download the membership application