ANI Policy Comments and Responses - Archive 2011-2015

August 21, 2012
ANI Responds to AHRQ RFI on HIT-Enabled Quality Measurement

May 7, 2012
ANI submits comment to CMS on Meaningful Use Phase II

November 12, 2012

ANI Submits Comments to NIST on Usability Framework

September 12, 2011

ANI Submits Pledge to Support ONC Consumer eHealth Program: "As nurses are the most-trusted health professionals and have a long history of patient advocacy, we expect to have a significant impact on patient participation in Health IT and increase the use of Personal Health Records and Patient Portals from the 10% seen today to over 25% in the next 2 years.”  Read full pledge See video from ONC

May 18, 2011
ANI issues written comments to NQF on the Quality Data Model

May 5, 2011

ANI issues Position to the ONC Federal Information Technology Strategic Plan 2011-2015