ANI Emerging Leaders

Developing Tomorrow's Nursing Informatics Leaders

ANI has proudly developed a program for emerging leaders in nursing informatics to involve them in a two year immersive program to serve nursing informatics practice and policy.  The program enhances leadership skills and competencies in:

  • communication and networking
  • strategic planning, negotiation and persuasion  
  • leading and managing change

Each candidate goes through a rigorous nomination process and is paired with two mentors who are established thought-leaders within ANI member organizations.  

The ultimate goal of the program is to develop individuals capable of leading informatics‐related organization.

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Applications for the 2020 program are now closed and will re-open Fall 2021. 

Two Nurses Recognized as Emerging Leaders in Informatics

2020 Emerging Leaders:

Young Ji Lee, PhD, MS, RN

Chad Carroll DNP, MS, RN-BC