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ANI Connection

As an endorsed publication of the Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI), CIN publishes news, updates, research projects, and other items each month in the ANI Connection column.  All articles are discussed with the Alliance on monthly conference calls and follow the same specs as CIN Plus, as noted above and in accordance with CIN’s submission guidelines.

For any questions regarding ANI Connection articles, please contact the Editor of ANI Connection, Heather Carter-Templeton at

The ANI Connection will appear monthly in the online version of CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing.


Articles for the issue three months in advance must be submitted by the 15th of the month. So, for example, the ANI Connection article for November 2022 must be submitted to the editorial team by August 15, 2022. Because the ANI Connection will be published monthly, an article must be submitted by the 15th of every month.


The editorial office for CIN will keep a running list of articles that are “in the pipeline” for the ANI Connection. “In the pipeline” means that they have either been submitted or proposed. This list will be shared on the conference calls of the ANI Governing Directors as a standing agenda item. The ANI Connection will also be discussed at the face to face meetings at HIMSS and AMIA.


In general ANI Connection Articles are short and informative, although some will be longer and more detailed, depending on content.  In general, use 600 to 1500 words as a rule of thumb for length. Manuscripts must be prepared according to CIN submission guidelines. Please note the following:

  • Format: Word document. Do not submit PDFs. Please double space and indent each paragraph with a tab (do not use the space bar). Do not overly format the article (fancy fonts, etc.)
  • Title: Please include a title for the article. Descriptive is best.
  • Author(s): Include the author’s name(s) and credentials as you would like them to appear in the journal.
  • Abstract: DO NOT INCLUDE. ANI Connections articles do not have an abstract.
  • References (if applicable): CIN uses AMA format (Style Manual of the American Medical Association, 10th edition). Please do not submit manuscripts with references in APA format. AMA uses superscripted numbers. The reference list is in numerical format according to the order of appearance of the references in the paper. If you have a reference list, the references must be cited in the text. Not all ANI Connections articles include references which is acceptable.
  • Tables: Use the table feature in Word to create tables. Include them at the end of the manuscript. Tables should be single spaced.
  • Figures, photographs: Attach as separate documents.


HIMSS TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) Initiative & Interprofessional community

TIGER at HIMSS provides the global healthcare workforce with innovative informatics/eHealth tools and resources to transform health for all. The global TIGER network collaborates to integrate informatics/eHealth into education, certification, practice, and research through an inclusive, interdisciplinary, intergenerational approach with a focus on education reform, community development, and workforce development.

Learn more about HIMSS TIGER and discover ways to get involved by visiting

Contact: Toria (Tori) Shaw Morawski, MSW, IICDP, HIMSS TIGER Staff Liaison for details.