Digital Medicine Society Webinar: Xcertia mHealth App Guidelines

Register here to join a presentation on Xcertia mHealth App Guidelines: Impact on the Market

on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019  at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

The official release of the fully-updated version of the Xcertia mHealth App Guidelines provides two key areas of collaboration and education within the digital health marketplace. The first is an opportunity for stakeholders to understand the players, process, key insights, and lessons learned from updating the guidelines. The second is an occasion to explore how the guidelines can be used to advance consumer and care provider adoption and use of mHealth apps, and lessons learned in that adoption process. Join the conversation as we discuss the following objectives:

  1.   Share experiences and lessons learned during the updating of the guidelines from the lens of the Xcertia Work Group Leaders
  2.   Explore with the audience how the existence of the Xcertia Guidelines can create opportunities to drive market adoption and use. 


Natalie Abts | Head of Human Factors Engineering, Genentech
Michael Kirwan, MBA | Chief Technology Officer, Dsheet, LLC


Michael Hodgkins, MD | Chairman of the Board of Directors, Xcertia
Greg Licholai, MD, MBA | Co-Director, Yale Center of Digital Health