Resources for COVID-19

This will be updated on-going as ANI member organizations provide resources related to Nursing Informatics and COVID-19:


Survey Requests

We are inviting you to take part in a study “The Impact Of Covid-19 On Health Informatics: Supporting Health Information Technology Innovation Through Timely Knowledge Synthesis And Exchange.”  This study focuses on understanding the experiences of health informaticians related to the use of health information technologies, response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to that by collecting and synthesizing this information, we can openly share the expertise, lessons learned, and challenges of health informaticians during this time and share this information to help the broader health informatics community who are likely facing similar challenges during this pandemic.

To participate you need to be currently working as an applied clinical informatician (e.g., a programmer for a hospital, a medical doctor or registered nurse engaged with development or refinement of the electronic health records, administrator overseeing health information technology, etc.). This survey is intended for professionals engaged with applied health informatics and we are seeking to obtain 1000 responses internationally.

If you agree to volunteer, you will be asked to complete an online survey. Your participation will involve answering several questions that will approximately take 5 minutes.

You can access the survey at:

Your participation is completely voluntary and you can stop your participation at any time.

Should you have any questions, please email: Maxim (Max) Topaz PhD, RN, MA, Elizabeth Standish Gill Associate Professor of Nursing, Columbia University Medical Center,Columbia University Data Science Institute, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Harvard Medical School & Brigham and Women's Hospital,

This study has been approved by the Research Ethics Board at Ryerson University. This project is funded by Ryerson University.