ANI Appoints Board Member to Xcertia

Given nurses’ key role as patient advocates and the breadth of expertise in mHealth that nursing informaticians have, ANI is proud to join Xcertia with formal representation as a member of the XcertiaTM  Board.  Xcertia is a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders, pioneered by leading health information technology and medical organizations that have developed a voluntary set of guidelines for safe and effective use of mHealth. The guidelines focus on 5 key areas: operability, privacy, security, app content and usability.   The focus is to develop, disseminate, and when appropriate advocate for inclusion in policy of mHealth app guidelines that bring value to consumers and their clinicians in order to help people achieve their health and wellness goals.

ANI member Karen Dunn Lopez, PhD, MPH, RN was appointed to serve on the Xcertia Board of Directors. We wholeheartedly support Xcertia’s important work to develop guidelines for mHealth that promote patient safety and improve health. ANI encourages our member organizations and others to join us as we look to help fulfill the promise and potential for mHealth apps to have a positive impact in today’s healthcare environment.

ANI proudly supports the opportunity for informatics nurses as leaders in this area and futher recognizes that Dr. Dunn Lopez' experience and thought leadership qualify her to fully represent ANI's mission and vision.

Karen Dunn Lopez, PhD, MPH, RN
ANI Member-at-Large


2019 Xcertia Guidelines Finalized
To see the final version of the 2019 Xcerita Guidelines click here.