Emerging Leaders Roundtable

The ANI Emerging Leaders Program is jointly sponsored by AMIA and HIMSS. The purpose of the program is to develop professionals capable of assuming national leadership positions in informatics-related organizations. The program provides emerging leaders with invaluable mentorship and opportunities to participate in educational industry meetings and events. Each participant is assigned mentors to provide feedback and coaching throughout the two year process.

In 2019, Joyce Sensmeier, ANI Ex-Officio chair, hosted a Roundtable Series including current and past ANI Emerging Leaders. The Roundtable discussion was intended to inform guidelines for mentorship and assess the impact of the ANI Emerging Leaders Program on developing future leaders. Eight out of eleven of the previous ANI Emerging Leaders attended this facilitated Roundtable session and provided their perspectives on the Program’s value and impact.

Program Value as Perceived by the Emerging Leader:

•            It was an overall positive experience.
•            The program jump-started my career.
•            It is a welcome and open community.
•            The experience gave me the opportunity to meet great leaders and make connections.
•            It expanded my thinking beyond my current career focus.

Program Impact on Emerging Leader:

•            Built network/relationships with industry leaders outside of my organization.|
•            Confirmed my leadership qualifications.
•            Overcame self-doubt, increased confidence.
•            Became a more visionary thinker.
•            Became published.

Please follow this link to learn more about the discussion and recommendations.